Our Story

MedTours Africa is a medical tourism facilitating company with an aim of providing medical tourists and patients in the sub-Saharan region a one-stop shop for all their medical travel services and logistics. MedTours Africa officially opened its doors on the 17th of March 2015 in Harare, Zimbabwe. According to MedTours Africa Executive Director, Ms Cheurombo Pswarayi, MedTours Africa’s core objective is to lessen the burden on care-givers by giving them the much needed assistance of taking care of all travel and medical treatment logistics for their loved ones thus affording them the much needed time and space to be with their loved ones without having to worry about the technicalities of getting from Point A to Point B to get them the medical attention they require. To achieve this end, MedTours Africa will offer tailor made packages which holistically cover 4 fundamental areas of travel:

  1. International Hospital Partners for the medical procedure to be carried out
  2. Visas and air-ticket facilitation covering flights; transfers and local transport systems
  3. Accommodation for the patient and travel partner before, during and post procedure
  4. Post-procedure care and tourism activities

In essence, MedTours Africa will cover all the travel logistics from the time the clients log in online to engage their services to the time they land back in the country post procedure. As Ms Pswarayi says, “Once they appoint us their medical tourism facilitators, we will take over all the planning and execution of travel logistics allowing them the freedom and space to focus on getting themselves or their loved ones better.’ According to Ms Pswarayi, MedTours Africa will work to create valuable partnerships with the best of medical practitioners, hospitals, airlines and accommodation specialists in order to ensure the best possible service for their clients.

In light of this; MedTours Africa has already partnered with internationally acclaimed hospitals, Satguru Partap Singh Apollo Hospital (SPS APOLLO) Ludhiana India, Artemis hospitals, SevenHills Hospital, Apollo hospitals, Apollo Spectra, Wockhardt Hospital, etc. reputable institutions which are JCI accredited. Ms Pswarayi concludes, “Our goal now is to get to work getting the credentials we need to make sure MedTours Africa is the first choice option for patients seeking international treatment. We want to expand our portfolio by adding partner hospitals in other tourist destinations and we also hope to extend our services to clients outside our boarders and in sub Saharan Africa in the not so distant future…” With their promise to go above and beyond the average level of service to create an emotional impact on the receiver by facilitating for safe, comfortable, reasonably priced medical tourism packages and bringing these to the doorsteps of the Zimbabwean public, MedTours Africa looks by all indications to be a welcome addition to the Zimbabwean healthcare system.

MedTours Africa – Healthcare Access for All

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