The rise of medical tourism in UAE: Dubai

By Kundai Zengeya

Most patients choose Asian countries for medical assistance particularly surgeries. One would wonder why. The best reason would be because these countries promote medical tourism effectively. For instance, the UAE, today has entered into a number of prestigious partnerships to bring in advanced healthcare technologies, practices and standards from the West. In 2015 Cleveland Clinic and Mubadala Healthcare opened a hospital in the UAE with a 360-bed capacity. According to a senior official from the Dubai Health Authority, in 2016 Dubai health facilities received 325 000 medical tourists, resulting in an overall growth of 9,5%.
Orthopedic, dermatology and ophthalmology were the most sought medical and tourism specialties. Dubai is also well known for cosmetic, dental and fertility treatments.
Dubai alone has around 3000 private health facilities ranging from hospitals, specialised clinics and surgery centers with around 35 000 health specialists from more than 110 different nationalities working in the sector. These numbers are expected to grow to 40 000 specialists and 4000 health centers.

In Dubai we, as MedTours Africa, have partnered with Saudi German Hospital. SGH Dubai is one of the top hospitals in Dubai offering a wide range of services which includes all the major specialties and sub-specialties, along with an advanced critical care unit which adheres to the highest international standards.
The nature of the cases received by the hospital from outside the UAE is a bright evidence on the therapeutic efficacy it offers , which has contributed in changing the medical tourism concept to the so called “adverse medical tourism”.

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