September 13, 2018

By Kundayi Zengeya
One of MedTours Africa’s partner hospitals in Asia is Saudi German Hospital, which is located in Dubai. It has various services that it offers and some of these are listed below:

Oncology center
The cancer center at Saudi German Hospital Dubai, UAE provides comprehensive and compassionate cancer care by a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists, covering prevention, diagnosis, acute and long-term treatment plan, post-operative chemo management of possible complications, emotional and psychological support, nutritional recommendations, pain management, follow-up and monitoring of possible recurrence. The center has full capacity of expertise treating breast cancer, skin cancer, thyroid and parathyroid cancer, salivary gland cancer, bone cancer, blood cancer, liver and gall bladder cancer, spleen and kidney tumors, bladder and prostate cancer, and gynecological related cancers.

Orthopedic Centre
The orthopedic department at SGH Dubai has traditionally been its strongest among other specialties. There are highly qualified and western trained staff that deal with any bone or joint problem and further rehabilitation. We are very sure that once you visit them, you will never look back or regret your decision. All types of trauma and fractures including spinal trauma, sports injuries including knee, ankle, shoulder and other joints problems are taken care of. Other services are joint replacements, spine, pediatric, arthroscopic and hand surgeries.

Cardiology center
To diagnose and treat cardiac conditions efficiently, SGH-Dubai offers the most comprehensive range and state of the art diagnostic equipment with treatment tools including the catheterization laboratory. SGH-Dubai offers a multi-disciplinary approach for preventing the occurrence or progression of cardiovascular disease covering patients of all ages, making them one of the leading Cardiology hospitals in Dubai. Heart disease is one of the main causes of death and disability globally and more specifically in the UAE.
Smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and stress are the main risk factors resulting in heart attack, the majority of which can be controlled with basic precautions. Their goal is to ensure that all cardiac patients have access to effective diagnostic and treatment facilities, and are given the best possible solution to enjoy a healthy life.

Pediatric centre
The Children’s center at Saudi German Hospital provides physical check up, vaccination and specific treatments for pediatric symptoms. In the first phase of the hospital, there are 5 separate rooms on the 2nd floor exclusively designated for the little patients. These rooms are on the same floor as the OP and PICU. The ward is served by highly qualified nurses and doctors who are available 24 hours per day
High-quality care is provided to children ( 0 -13 years ) with all kind of surgical illnesses inclusive of birth defects. Counseling for best management is also extended to parents with antenatal diagnosed surgical illnesses in their fetuses.

Pediatric Urology in Dubai
They also provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and professional care for children (0-13 years of age) with illnesses or diseases of the genitals or urinary tract (kidneys, ureters and bladder) requiring pediatric surgery.

For more information on Services offered at SGH Dubai follow this link

For more information on our partner hospitals anc services we offer follow this link

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