Top Destinations for Medical Tourism

By Febby Madzudzo

1. Malaysia

Malaysia ranks number in the world for medical tourism as seen by the large influx of medical tourist in the country. Most people are attracted to the country because it has a large population that I well versed in English making it easier for communication.
Malaysia’s medical tourism industry beefed up as a way to diversify its economy during the Asian financial crisis.
Malaysian hospitals are known for in vitro fertilization which is at a price that is twenty percent lower than other countries with the facilities.
Most Malaysia’s hospitals are well known for their cutting edge treatment for burn victims.
Prince Court Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur ranked number-one for “patients without borders” by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

2. India

A recent report from Deloitte forecasts that India’s medical tourism market will grow to nearly $4 billion, doubling what it was just three years ago.
According to Patients Beyond Borders, of the 250,000 international patients, the majority head to cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.
Reasons for such a strong growth is that a number of patients are coming from surrounding countries that offer far less developed health care, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
Many people from other regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Canada and the U.S. are finding the cost savings too hard to pass up in India.
Popular treatments in India consist of those for fertility, orthopedic, cardiac and oncology problems and organ transplants.

3. Turkey

Turkey welcomes trained doctors from all over the world especially Americans who have managed to make the country one of the best countries for medical treatment.
Turkey is favored by neighboring countries, patients from all over Europe and even the United States of America.

The top procedures here include cardiac, cancer and orthopedic care.
The country has also established itself as one of the leading places in the world for eye treatments especially laser surgery, which costs approximately $1,100 for both eyes.

4. Brazil

For people looking for a cheap option for cosmetic surgery, Brazil is one of the top destinations in the world.
According to Patients Beyond Borders, approximately 200,000 foreign travelers went to Brazil last year for cosmetic procedures.
Brazil cosmetic procedures charge thirty to fifty percent for the charges made by American doctors for similar treatment.
Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, is known for performing probably the most cosmetic surgery operations than any other place in the world.
Well for this article we only mentioned four destinations but there are more countries that are offering the best healthcare such as Mexico and Colombia to name a few.
Finally make sure when you travel for medical treatment in any country, the hospital where you will be receiving treatment should be JCI approved.
Its an organization that give international accreditation to hospitals all over the world.

Please do give us your feed back on our list in the comment section.

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