What your Company needs to know more about MedTours Africa!

by Febby Madzudzo

MedTours Africa is a medical tourism facilitating company which envisions healthcare access for all. We provide international medical solutions to individuals who seek medical treatment.
We revert back within 48hours with at least 3 medical opinions, we do Visa applications and processing on Patients behalf, get convenient flight quotations from our travel partners.
We exist to minimize the burden of patients and Caregivers by handling all medical travel logistics while the patient focuses on getting better.
As a company you have employees that get sick from time to time.
It might be something minor as a cold or severe as cancer but at the end of the day you need to get your employee the best care possible.
Most corporations have medical aid schemes or they have in-house medical aid.
With the present situation in our country most people have opted to get medical treatment elsewhere.
At MedTours Africa we are here to assist you in getting your employee the best and affordable healthcare possible by helping your employees travel abroad.
We have a network of hospitals that we have partnered with in Asia, Europe and also in Africa.
We offer free facilitating services, no more involvement with bogus travel agents that charge lots of money jut to get a hospital quotation.
At MedTours Africa we do it for free!
All we need are your employees medical records and in 48 hours we will have at least three medical quotation or medical opinion from different doctors.
So your employee wants to travel, there is the hustle in getting visas and cheap air tickets.
We do that for you, all you need to be concentrating on is your health and your loved ones, while we do the hustle and bustle for you.
When the patient is back from treatment and has questions about their procedure, we make sure your post treatment care is not worrisome by making sure you are in contact with your doctors, so that you are well taken care of.
No premiums, no cost to access second medical opinion, just an open door and us taking care of you.

What your Company needs to know more about MedTours Africa!

So does your company require our services?

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