Liver Transplantation for Medical Tourists

By Kundayi Zengeya

Liver transplantation in India is an accepted treatment that is performed in cases of #liver failure or #end stage liver disease. Though in some cases of liver failure, patients can recover by being treated in specialized liver ICUs, but in majority cases liver transplant is the only option for survival.

There are several Indian surgeons, working with some of the leading Indian hospitals, who are transplant experts and have been trained and worked for several years in the world’s most renowned health centers, such as in USA, UK and Japan. Liver transplant in India is performed with high rates of success, by several health centers.

Though liver transplant in India has been started only recently, due to the growing credibility and the high rates of success of the Indian healthcare sector, its popularity has been growing immensely both among domestic and foreign citizens.

More importantly, liver transplant can be done efficiently in India at #costs that are almost half of that of the western countries. #Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, St. Johns Hospital in Bangalore and CMC Hospital in Vellore are names of some of the hospitals that perform liver transplantation successfully in India. Moreover the Indian Government has recently started issuing medical visas to those who are visiting the country for medical treatment, thus making it easier for patients from abroad.

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